Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Feathers, yes-feathers. You know you have seen them around for awhile and we want to remind you that you can get them at our salon! A really easy way to add color and bright flirty summer flair to your hair. The feathers come in all colors imagined and many different sizes. Quick and easily applied and you can wash, blowdry, straighten and curl. Will last 1 to 6 months-  you can take out and replace the bead-when coloring, cutting or if it is wearing out. Feathers are so popular that if you want something specific check with your stylist to make sure it is in stock! For some really cute ideas for styling check out a video from Fine Featherheads- Love the curling and braiding with the feathers! http://vimeo.com/24792466  

~Also a trend that looks really cute in little girls hair-and they love it!~

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