Sunday, October 9, 2011

Julie Bennett

October Salon Spotlight is Julie Bennett-check out her Q and A! and check out her specials at the end of the interview-she is the perfect October Spotlight for her special effects make-up!!

Q.What inspired you to go into the industry?  A. I've been coloring my hair since 6th grade.  I've always loved the different things that could be done with hair.  I love art, and doing hair is like creating living works of art every day! I love it.  

Q.How long have you been in the industry?  A. As of last month I've been doing hair for 10 years!

Q.Give me your favorite products.  A. Favorite products are Brocato -Actives, Kevin Murphy- Staying Alive and Pureology - Texture Twist.  My favorite brand as far as tools is FHI.  They are always up to date with current technology with their irons and blow dryers.
Pureology-Texture Twist
Kevin Murphy-Staying Alive
(hmmm link for Brocato not working right now)

Q.What are your "must haves" for styling.  A. Must haves for styling is a heat protectant like Brocato's Actives, and a good foundation product to start building up the style, such as Swell volume mouse gel by Brocato.  Professional tools like a blow dryer and flat iron are also essential.  Not only will they last longer than their cheaper counter parts.  But they are much better on the hair.

Q.What is one of your favorite things about styling hair?  A.I love how it's never the same day twice.  People always want something different and it's so fun to be able to create that certain look for them!

Q.Do you offer a complete make-overs? Hair and Make-up?  A. Along with hair, I also do makeup.  I do regular makeup as well as special event makeup and special effects makeup such as cuts, bruises, aging, zombies, etc.

 Q.Is there a tip or trick you can give me?  A. A good tip for curling your hair at home (especially if you find your hair does not hold curl) is to make sure you let the curls properly cool before releasing.  First use a heat protectant and hair spray on the section, then curl.  Make sure to hold the curling iron in the hair long enough to heat the hair all the way through.  Next clip the hair to the head and repeat all over.  Let the curls cool fully then release.  Run your hands through and PRESTO! Hollywood hair!

Q.A current trend?  A. A current trend right now that I just love is Ombre or "melted" hair.  This gives the illusion of naturally highlighted and grown-out hair.  The look is darker and deeper and the roots and gradually lightens toward the ends.  This can be done with a natural blonde, or even a dark brown fading to a bright red.  It's very versatile.

Q.What is one of your favorite styles to give a client? A.One of my absolute favorite things to do is a total change. Going long and dark to short and blonde, going red for the first time etc.  I love the excitement and anticipation for the finished look and I love that my clients trust me enough to let me make this change for them.

Julie is offering some awesome specials for the month of October. Along with a super cool effects make-up special the weekend of Halloween! Check out the deal on Gashes and bruises that look amazing! Book it now-

Specials for the month- $10 off regular price color and $10 off of a regular price cut! $20 off your whole service when doing both!
Also offering special effects makeup in the salon the weekend of Halloween! Only $5 per bruise, $10 per gash.  (Other options available after consultation) So come in and we'll play!

Julies Facebook link.

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