Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chelsea Dahlin

Our March Salon Spotlight is Chelsea Dahlin! Here is her interview!
Q. What inspired you to go into the beauty industry? A.When I was younger I LOVED doing my
friends hair and make up for school dances. I always thought "wouldn't it be cool if I could do
this as a living?"  Well, some time passed and I talked to a woman at a career day event where she
was doing a cut and style demo. She talked about how she was able to work from home and was
still able to make it to soccer games and take care of her kids all whilst having a career.  I just
thought that was the greatest thing! So, I decided that I would try out hair school and see how I
liked it.
Q. How long have you been in the industry? A. I have been doing hair and make up since the dawn
of my existence (on barbie of course) but, as a licensed professional I am coming up on 7 years.

Q. Do you offer other services besides a great hair style? AI prefer hair. I can wax and do make
up but, they are not my passion like cutting, coloring, and styling.

Q. Tell me your favorite tools for styling hair.  A. I  am obsessed with my FHI blow dryer! I am
sure that my arms have gotten fatter because blow drying is no longer a work out! It seriously feels
like a toy, it is so light!

Q. Tell me your "must have" products for styling. A. I couldn't live without Brocato's Actives! It
is a protein oil that you could honestly dump all over your head and your hair will just absorb it
without getting greasy! As a platinum blond, I'm pretty sure my hair would have fallen out if it weren't
for this product! I am also crazy about Brocatos's Back to the Beach. It feels like I took a morning
dip in the ocean. It has the perfect combination of messy and clean and it adds the perfect amount
of texture. 

Q. What is one of your favorite things about doing hair? A. I absolutely love meeting new people!
Everyone is so unique. I really love getting to know my clients and becoming their friend and

Q. Give us a tip or trick for styling hair. A.  Round brush blow outs are not something you see in
Utah very much but, I cant think of anything more elegant than a beautiful blowout. The trick to
getting this is by using your round brush like a hot roller. You need to let the hair cool in order for
that bend to stay in place. So, if you are blow drying your hair and you leave that brush curled up
in your hair for a second and hit it with the cool button (yup, that's what it's for!) then you can get
that perfect bend the celebrities have on the red carpet!

Q. What is a trend you are currently seeing a lot of? A. Oh the ombre, otherwise known as the melt.
We use to worry about letting our color grow out, and not letting our roots go for to long. But now
we pay the big bucks for that beautiful look!

Q. What is one of your "specialties" or "favorite things to do. A.  I really love updo's. There is
something so wonderful about getting to be apart of a brides special day! As their lives go on,
and they move away, they will always remember the person who did their hair:)

Chelsea is offering a special for the month of March- 20% 
off of services if you mention this blog!! Give her a call!

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