Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get a haircut! Cambodia Cut-a-thon

Get a Haircut!

Cambodia Cut-a-thon

Saturday- November 17 at 10:00am-1:00pm

Metropolitan Hair Salon is taking appointments and asking for donations. Our amazing and talented stylists are offering their time so that all proceeds can be donated to the orphanages in Cambodia. Appointments are preferred but, if we can- we will also take walk-ins.

 A little girl named Hadlee Harvey-along with her dad Jeff- have put this all together. Hadlee and some friends are competing to see who can earn the most money for the orphanages. Whoever wins gets to go to Cambodia and present the orphanages with the donation check, and stay a while to help out where needed. Hadlee has already gotten several people/Organizations to agree to match whatever she is able to earn- so lets make it count!

We would love to help Hadlee out for such a great cause- and raise as much money as possible. So we will look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

For more on these events please check out the links below.

Orphanage Story

Facebook Page


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