Clint Atwater             Click here for Clint's Portfolio
Experience Level:  Master/Educator
Specializes in:  Hair coloring, color correction, complex hair cuts

As owner and lead stylist, Clint's passion for the art of hair design has driven Metropolitan salon to its award winning reputation.  But he is foremost a family man, devoted to his wife and four children.  In addition to helping train his stylists, Clint has over 3 years of experience as an educator and is currently looking for his next apprentice.

Adi Forsman               Click here for Adi's Portfolio
Experience Level:  Expert/Educator-in-training
Specializes in:  Men's hair cuts, hair coloring, complex hair cuts

Adi (seen here with her high school sweetheart become husband) is a 26 year old Libra through and through.  If she's not in the salon she's with her hubby on the golf course.  With over 5 years of hair design experience, and preparations being made to become an educator, Adi has progressed far beyond her training at Renaissance Academie of Cosmetology and Aesthetics.

Rachel Pinner           Click here for Rachel's Portfolio
Experience Level:  Adept
Specializes in:  *coming soon*

*bio to be posted soon*

Kait Herd                   Click here for Kait's Portfolio
Experience Level:  Adept
Specializes in:  *coming soon*

*bio to be posted soon*