Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KM Shimmer Shine

New Kevin Murphy product-Shimmer Shine or should we say "Liquid Gold"! We love this segment of KM's styling line called Treatment Styling. This is one product from that segment-look at the close up shot-it actually looks like there is flakes of gold in it-that is all part of the Light reflective technology- it adds a brilliant shine to hair with no oily residue. Use on damp hair and as a finishing mist. SHIMMER.SHINE contains treatment ingredients that repair damaged hair driven by essential oils, bioflavonoids and vitamins  Revive shine and repair hair (it also smells awesome). Treat your hair as it shines with Vitamins A, C and E, Baobab, Immortelle and Bamboo extracts.

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Unknown said...

Nice Info! If the woman have long and strong hair then they look so beautiful without any extra treatment.

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